Bush and Game Safari Co. offers a wide range of attractions, amenities and activities to choose from for your safari; be it camel safaris, hiking or the more common overland safari, it can customize your experience to fit your specifications.

Our Packges

Each package has been designed off the usual safari track allowing you to enjoy Kenya and Tanzania in the best of ways while in the best of hands.

  1. Wildlife safaris
  2. Beach and island safaris
  3. Parks and Reserves
  4. Flighpackagest 
  5. Family getaways
  6. Honeymoon & couples getaways
  7. Bush camping
  8. Holiday Getaways
  9. Corporate excursions
  10. Adrenalin junkies
  11. Domestic package
  12. Out Of Africa, Cultural Sights and Sounds

What we do

Safari Planning

Accommodation Booking

Airport Transfers

Vehicle hire (long and short term)

Ground handling facilitation


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